Care of the critically ill older adult (any unit)
Family-centered care
Operationalizing NICHE: Early Implementer Site, Progressive Site, Advanced Site

The presentation (both podium and poster) must address:

  1. Identification of needs - identifying improvement targets
  2. Literature review - current evidence
  3. Goals and measurement - patient, staff, and organizational (including regulatory)
  4. Implementation - Protocol development and approval
  5. Components: Clinical guidelines/procedures, staff/ patient/family education, documentation, measures
  6. Interdisciplinary/interagency collaboration
  7. Dissemination, promotion, and hardwiring
  8. Evaluation

Submissions must follow these guidelines:

  1. Abstracts must be:
    • Single-spaced, 12 pt. font
    • Must not exceed 300 words
    • Created in Microsoft Word®
    • Include contact, author and presenter’s names
  2. Submit information and abstract by e-mail attachment to:
  3. Indicate your preference:
    • Oral presentation ONLY
    • Poster presentation ONLY
    • Either oral or poster presentation
  4. Email questions/inquiries to:

Uploading your abstract:

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